In Need of a Master

In our so-called „postmodern“ age of widespread ideological critique, the correlation between transcendence and immanence proves increasingly problematic. Historically mediated phantasmagoria of state, nation, ‚the people‘ and religious belief can no longer pretend to be part of the basic structures of reality. Their dogmatic form is revealed as contingent and self-made and the insight – trickling down into modern common sense – paved the way for a culture of diversification.

The latter, though, helped also reactionary and conservative political movements to rise. How can they be understood and dealt with? And how are phenomena like the authoritarianism of right-wing populism to be interpreted in the horizon of political theology? Are these political movements in combination with fundamentalist forms of religion less a reactionary phenomenon than a symptom of a political awakening?

These and similar question will be discussed at this international conference as it looks out for new forms of political theology in our current age of immanence.